About Us

/MONA/ (vs.Hawaiian language) 

Fat; fruitful; fertile, rich, as soil; soft; sweet.

 Welina! MONA is a hawaiian owned lifestyle brand founded in the cold country of Kamuela on Hawaiʻi island. A thoughtful luxury collection of clean burning, locally made refillable candles. Creating eco quality pieces that are authentically made in our islands with the help of fellow local artisans.

Sustainability and community is at the core of our brand and since the beginning, we have taken many steps in ensuring we source as locally as possible. We are committed to supporting our local craftsmen and are proud to say our exclusive ceramic candle jars are handmade in Hualalai, our beeswax is sustainably sourced in Puna, custom wax blend is mixed and hand poured in Kamuela and our labels are printed in Honolulu. I hope to increase this list as our brand grows.(To see the rest of our list, head to sustainability)

We care deeply for our community and donate a portion of every sale to a selected charity of the year. I am a product of the fertile soil of this land and  would like to use this company as a way to help and be fruitful for our people.

I hope our candles not only transform your space but that they encourage a slower, mindful living. Thank you for supporting my dream!