Wax Refills


A 12 oz wax refill made for MONA custom candle vessels. Wax refills make it possible for your favorite candles to be reusable, mix and match scents with vessels!

Scoop out the remainder of wax from bottom of vessel. Unwrap and gently place wax refill into vessel. And there you have it!

Your wax refill is specifically made to fit into our custom candle vessels. Is there a space between your wax refill and the vessel? Perfect! To insure that each wax refill fits in to every one of our handmade jars, we created them just slightly smaller in size. As your candle burns (wax expands in heat) it will slowly fill in that gap.

*Vessel not included

This is NOT a pillar candle. Must be used/lit in our custom vessels.